Standard Catering Policies


Catering Operation/Admin Fee : An 18% operation/admin fee applies to all orders. The operation/admin fee is not a gratuity, but is an additional charge that is used to cover certain additional costs that are associated with each event.  The front of the house service staff that works the event does not receive any part of the operation fees. The operation/delivery fee covers the following cost: direct cost such as administrative order taking, employee scheduling, product ordering, tasting , delivery scheduling and tracking, event logistic, multiple trips to deliver and returning to pick up our equipment,  high fuel cost, vehicle repair, and credit card fees (if applicable).  We also have other indirect costs such as office & setup staff that work behind the scenes on every event, but aren’t included in your food price or labor fees. Liability insurance required to cover any damages or injuries caused by our staff or our equipment to any guests or property.  This relieves the client of liability or responsibility when an accident is our fault. Vehicle insurance and costs not covered by a delivery/fuel charge.  The operation/admin fee helps offset the costs of going the extra mile, such as handling the rental equipment and assisting with the non-catering related elements of a corporate event/party, wedding or event.

An additional “Delivery Fee” will apply for deliveries outside of our 15 miles delivery zone of Sacramento, CA. This fee of $2.00 per mile will be accessed based on travel time and distance, event location and whether a return trip is required to pick up our equipment.

Please contact us at 916.719.3765 for additional information. Catering Operation fee is waived if the orders are picked up by clients.

DELIVERY TIME WINDOW: We recommend clients add an hour prior to their event start time when placing their orders so our drivers will not be tardy. Most deliveries are allotted a 30‑ 45minute window that ranges from 45 minutes prior to 15 minutes, past your scheduled arrival time. Circumstances due to traffic, bad weather, delay in entering secured office buildings, and waiting for escorts or last minute changes to original order are beyond our control.  But we will notify clients as soon as possible, if any circumstances occur that will cause your delivery to be later than anticipated. During peak lunch and dinner periods, deliveries may be made up to one hour prior to your designated time. Our food is prepared fresh daily in our licensed commercial kitchen and stored at safe temperatures at all times.

Late afternoon, evening and weekend deliveries will be picked up on the next business day unless special arrangements between the client and the catering department have been made.

DEPOSIT, ORDER CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS: A non refundable deposit is required to hold the date for all events. A credit card will be required to be held on file. Final guest count confirmation for your event is required, 3-5 days prior to the event. Additional guest count received after the 3 days may not be fulfilled. If guest count drop 10% or more per person cost is subject to price increase.  A 72 hours cancellation notice is require to cancel a confirmed order. If there are costs incurred as a result of your cancellation, client will be billed on cost incurred up to the day of cancellation and not the entire cost of the event.

Please do not e-mail or fax last minute cancellations — you must speak directly the catering coordinator or the chef.  Your changes are not confirmed until we have directly contacted you.

Every Greek Olive Catering & Baking Catering event is prepared to order. We have no way to re-use your food when it has been made. We would be happy to arrange delivery of your order to a different location or donate the food on your behalf to a local food bank and provide you with the receipt of delivery.


We respectfully request that our clients provide us with the necessary information on guests that have adverse reactions or severe food allergies.

Although we will optimally take every possible precaution to prevent any cross contamination, our kitchens, however, use items such as nuts and gluten.

Greek Olive Catering & Baking will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items an individual may come in contact with, at any event. Our staff & chef are not trained on dietary allergy or intolerance and if you have a severe allergy please advise us.

PAYMENT TYPES, TERMS AND GRATUITY: All Catering orders require full payment prior to the event.  A 5% fee may be assessed to the balance if payment is not received by the day of the event. Gratuities are not required and are not automatically added to your invoice, but they are graciously accepted by our staff.

SALES TAX: The State of California requires sales tax to be applied to service charges, hot and carbonated drinks, hot food items, or events served by Greek Olive Catering & Baking staff. Sales tax applies to all Labor related to the event, rentals and operation/admin fee– Please refer to board of equalization regulation 1603 for additional detail information. Tax-exempt organizations must provide documentation with first order.

PRICES: Prices on our menus and website may be subject to change without notice due to market price fluctuation – supply and demand, additional charges by your venue to caterer, product or event date availability.  Substitutions and additions on any menu will reflect price changes on the final invoice. We recommend clients request a new price quote if there are any additions or substitutions.

STAFF CHARGES: Professional service staff rate is $25.00-$30.00 per hour. Bartender rate is $150 for the first 4 hours and $25 per hour thereafter. Staff hours are estimated and are billed portal‑to‑portal. Billing starts at arrival time at the location and ends after departing with all equipment and supplies are removed from the event site. The same rate may apply for staff travel time to out of area events.  If your event should run longer than anticipated, your invoice will be adjusted. The balance of the adjusted invoice not included in the contract will be due within 5 days after the event. Accounts over thirty (30) days shall accrue interest at one and one half percent (1.5%) per month

DAMAGES AND LIABILITY: Client’s responsibility is to ensure that the table for setup and any flammable items including our decor material are protected from the heat source of our chafers. If our staff is not hired to be present at client’s event, client will be responsible for unattended chafing dishes and all other Greek Olive Catering & Baking equipment. Greek Olive Catering & Baking Catering does not assume or accept any responsibility due to negligence by the client or any attendees of the client’s event that causes any damage as a result. Missing or damaged equipment, decor, place settings, centerpieces, linens, serving utensils, salad bowls and all other Greek Olive Catering & Baking property will be billed to client at replacement cost. Candle wax on linen rental is considered damaged since they cannot be cleaned and will be billed at replacement cost. Please avoid wax on linen at all times. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all of Greek Olive Catering & Baking catering property is present when the driver arrives to pick it up. Any items not picked up may incur additional charges if the driver has to make an additional trip to client’s location to retrieve the items. Equipment and other items are not picked up on the same day requires the same responsibility by the client to ensure that equipment and other items are not lost or damaged.

FOOD LEFTOVER POLICY: It is our policy that any leftover food will be discarded after the event. We will leave or pack leftovers that are safe to consume, such as leftover cookies, brownies or canned beverages, if the client requests beforehand. We do not recommend serving leftovers after the event as we cannot anticipate how long leftover food has been held at unsafe temperatures, nor are we qualified to evaluate the condition of the leftover food. Under no circumstances can leftover food be given to guests without consent from the client. The client will assume full responsibility for any liability as a result from consuming leftover food after the event.

PRIVACY POLICY: By completing any applications or forms on our Website, you are offering data to Greek Olive Catering & Baking Catering that it will be kept private and used only as described here. Greek Olive Catering & Baking Catering will not sell, give away or otherwise distribute your personal information that has been collected either digitally through the website or verbally by our coordinating personnel, either in the near or distant future, without first contacting you and receiving your explicit permission. Your information on our database will be used solely by Greek Olive Catering & Baking Catering to fulfill our services to you as described and for future correspondence with you (for example, we might contact you at some future date to request a testimonial and  get your feedback on a past catering experience with us). If you wish to be removed from our correspondence lists and no longer be contacted by us, please let us know by e-mail and we will honor your request.